Kousenjuu/Synescreen (2010)

Kousenjuu is a project of Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin and Yousuke Fuyama. This project, an audiovisual and synesthetic performance, makes use of a specially built device, named Synescreen, that resembles a projection screen. This device is a multimodal interface that directly translates into sound the light projected on it. The sound, generated by several analog synthesizers and MIDI devices, is entirely controlled by real-time light patterns projected on two Synescreens.
A live performance of Kousenjuu is a unique synesthetic experience that can be described as somewhere between noise and glitch, both from the musical and visual point of views.

Mesh screen instead of fabric.
Live performance video with a test device (not the actual light-sensitive screen).
Flickr set (several videos).
My take on “Le voyage dans la lune”
Live performance at Soup (video), Tokyo, Japan.
Live performance at Bullet’s, Tokyo. (video)