TV BUG (2010)

TV Bug is a minimalist audiovisual performance that makes use of cathode ray tube televisions (CRT TVs) as instruments. The performance itself consists in controlling both the sound and the video through the motion of light sensors in front of the TV screens and in using a continuous feedback between the sound and the video.
A live performance of TV Bug is both a visual and sound experience than mixes harsh noise with glitch music and a wide range of analog synthesizer sounds. The performance is an elegy to CRT TVs.
Several CRT TVs are fed with audio signals instead of video signals. That is, the display of the TVs is entirely and directly generated by sound, itself generated by analog synthesizers. In turn, the sound of the analog synthesizers is modified depending on the amount of light that reaches light sensors directly connected to them. By using the TV screens as the sole source of light for the light sensors, a continuous feedback between the sound and the display of TVs is thus created. During the performance, the light sensors are moved by hand in front of the TV screens or fixed to the screens with suction pads.

Flickr set.
TV Bug – first tests.
Live performance with VELTZ @ Flying Teapot, Ekoda, Tokyo (video).
Live performance @ Bullet’s, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo (video).