Nunk On Droise (2008)

Nunk on Droise is an audio-visual performance by noise performer 23N!.
Simply put, the performance consists in dynamically generating noise music from the alcohol drunk by the performer during the performance.
During the performance, the performer drinks alcohol and several breathalyzers (breath analyzers or alcohol sensors) are used to generate sounds and interacts with the visual. In addition, the abuse of alcohol inevitably leads to uncontrollable results and the body of the performer becomes itself a musical instrument.

The five sensors. Artist Statement
Performing live acts in front of an audience is not always an easy process. One is exposed to the fear of making mistakes, to fail to communicate something meaningful or the intended message to the audience or just to the inability to entertain. The pressure to perform a good act can somehow be overcame by consuming alcohol. However, there is a risk of loosing the control of the performance that might be affected by a too high consumption of alcohol.
The Nunk on Droise performance proposes to use the stress reliever that is alcohol as a mean to achieve the performance itself. In addition, it puts the performer in a
position of weakness where the gradual loss of control over the performance and his own body becomes an intrinsic part of the performance.
Let’s not forget too the guilty pleasure of getting drunk in public and the even greater pleasure of doing so together with the audience (as experience has proved it, being offered free drinks is not unusual).
The performance is a comment on what an artist is ready to do/sacrifice for achieving his personal goals, whatever they are.

YouTube(demo video)
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