Other works

The Ningen Dogs Orchestra
conducted by super utako, 23N! & HIKOA performance based on the use of numerous Ningen Dogs (by Utako Shibatsuji). A light sensor is added to each member of the orchestra. Sound-activated lights are used to control the Ningen Dogs.
To Blink or Not To Blink
(2008) with Alvaro Cassinelli
If you blink, your favorite program will be interrupted. If you force not to blink, you won’t pay attention to it anyway. A reflection on the active role that we as spectators play in post-editing visual media.
ChildTrain / GOCO
(2008) with Shojo no Tomo
A circuit is for controlling 8 MP3 players from 8 sensors (touch sensors, RFID, Hall sensors) and outputting sound to 8 speakers. The speakers and sensors are hidden in the clothes designed by Shojo no Tomo and wore by life-size mannequins.
It’s a Donnie World
(2008) with Petite Pisseuse & Alvaro Cassinelli
The world as seen by a delusional bunny-doll.
exhibition Puppen x Puppen @ Lov. Lab, Harajuku, Tokyo Flickr
Sonata Per Mario
A work on memory, détournement and the game Super Mario.
Sonata Per Mario
(game version, 2008)
A entertaining détournement of the game Super Mario.
Electric Silhouette Series
as No Fork Droise with Alvaro Cassinelli
Interactive visuals and sounds. Particles bounce on the silhouette of the performer and produce tingling sounds while the light of the visual modifies the sound of a toy guitar that itself modify the visual.
2008.04.06 Live performance @ Nana Hari, Tokyo
2008.03.30 Live performance @ Loopline, Tokyo
2008.01.19 Live performance @ Nana Hari, Tokyo YouTube
2007.12.22 Live performance @ Nana Hari, Tokyo YouTube
(2007) with Alvaro CassinelliAccelerometers, a toy guitar, sound and colorful particles.
2007.11.18 Performance @ Dorkbot Tokyo @ Yokohama