uLC (2012)

uLC (microcontroller Live Coding) is a simple system based on microcontrollers designed for audiovisual live coding without using a computer.
The system consists in several microcontrollers, a keyboard and an LCD screen. The algorithms typed on the keyboard are sent to microcontrollers that parse it and output the result of the algorithm as sound and video. In addition, the algorithms are displayed along with the visual.
The algorithms that can be entered are relatively simple ones. They can be constructed by using a time variable (incremented inside the program), numerical constants, two parameters (which value can be modified without rewritting the algorithm) and various operators (+, -, *, /, ^, %, |, &, >>, <<). Comments can be written too.
The algorithms are inspired by the work of VIznut.

Pictures of the uLC performance at live.code.festival 2013.
Video of first version.
A more detailed video of the current version.
Video of the version with 4 channels.
Video with visual.
On Toplap web site.
Code on Github.