ChildTrain GOCO
with Shojo no Tomo (Clothes), 2008
ChildTrain GOCO is a series of clothes (made by Shojo no Tomo) that emit sounds when approached with a card (similar to the pass used in Japan to ride trains and subways) or when touched. The drawings on the clothes placed side by side form a train, and the sound samples are field recordings in trains, on platforms or inside train stations.

Technical Statement
Each cloth emits a specific sound that is played through a small speaker hidden inside the cloth. The activation of a cloth is done through several techniques. A sensor is hidden in each cloth and when the appropriate actuator is approached, an MP3 player plays the sound sample. The sensors are RFID, Hall effect and touch sensors. No computer or microcontroller is used.

Flickr set.

2009.09.13-2010.01.08 @ Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008.10.30-11.03 @ theory Aoyama Bell Commons, Tokyo.